Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Your Checklist Before Getting Acrylic Prints: Questions You Must Ask

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Let’s start from the basics for you. In acrylic printing, you have two major choices i.e. direct printing and face mounting. The direct printing is done on an acrylic substrate while for the face mounting method your image of choice is first developed on a high-quality photographic paper and then mounted behind acrylic. Both the methods have their advantages that you must surely look into before selecting either one of them.

Here’s a step by step checklist for you to go through:

1) What is acrylic printing all about?

It uses acrylic as the base material or substrate. It is a durable method that pops out the images and gives your photograph quite the edge.

2) What are the types of bases available?

It’s always acrylic be as a base or a mount. Direct print helps your colors to blend in well, while the face mounting gives the picture some space of its own to stand out.

3) What are the coloring and ink options?

Vibrant and luminescent colors are the specialty of acrylic bases. The white base allows most of the color to be reflected and hence you have matt and glossy finish options as per your image setting.

4) What about the mounting and stands?

Direct prints can be attached to the walls by using aluminum stand-off bolts while face mounts have stands of their own. The gap between these can be decided as per your saving convenience. Big acrylic large prints require certain specific settings of their own that helps the images to be the centre stage of attention.

5) How durable is it?

Very. For testing conditions and tricky climates, it is suggested that one opts for direct print. Face mounts have added durability of their own.

6) Is it cost effective?

Depends on the service provided. Preferred over canvas printing, it comes with its price but the end product is definitely worth it.

7) What about the maintenance?

Very easy to maintain. Keeping it away from the path of direct sunlight is a big help and also securing it from dirt and dust helps sustain the print in the long run. You can also hire professional help for the same as per your convenience.

Keeping all these points in mind, you know all that one needs to know about acrylic printing now. So you are good to go.