Tuesday 17 September 2019
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What it takes to equip a Houston 24 hour locksmith van

You see them all over Houston. You see that well marked locksmith van helping the old lady get the keys out of her locked trunk at the grocery store. You see the young couple at the pier without keys because they got lost somewhere on the lake. We’ve all seen it. We have seen every imaginable situation where someone has called a local Houston 24 hour locksmith. It happens every day. Everyday people in Houston are hiring locksmiths to aid them in what ever locksmith service it is that they need.

The Houston 24 hour locksmith van has to have everything in it.

In order to be able to run an effective l24 hour ocksmith in Houston service the van has to be filled with all of the things needed to be able to fulfill the dynamic needs of the population. But it is getting more and more difficult for the locksmith of today to be able to provide every kind of specialty service that you might need. This is why equipping a locksmith van is a vital part of owning a locksmith service.. The van needs to have key cutting equipment and lots of other tools on board to take car of the influx of phone calls.

The van also needs to be reliable because driving around town for hours everyday year after year can really give a van a beating. The tires alone need to be replaced every 3 years or sooner. And you want to find a locksmith van that gets fairly decent gas mileage as well. A locksmith van that gets worse the 15 miles a gallon is probably not a good van to purchase for the business because of the long term expenses of operating the van for the business.

How to equip a 24 hour locksmith service van and what is all involved:

  • Key cutting equipment – First off the locksmith van needs to have key cutting equipment on board to cut your usual house keys, car keys and padlock keys. The key cutting equipment nowadays is really compact and light weight making offering key cutting services an easy process.
  • Have 1000’s of blank keys – Blank keys are a must to be able to run a mobile key cutting business. There needs to be a bunch of keys hanging around for every kind of lock that you imagine.
  • Hand tools – The locksmith of today will be going on a lot of residential lock replacement calls on a daily bases. For this reason they need to have drills, saws, and screw drivers on hand.
  • Transponder programming equipment – The modern cars of 2018 have transponder keys in them. These keys need to be programmed if they are ever to be replaced. It takes transponder key programming equipment to replace the keys.
  • Small bench and stool – Inside of the locksmith van it is pretty tight. There is not much space to move around. But when there is a small table and stool with wheels in there it makes running the key cutting equipment and other machines a breeze.
  • Loud speaker system – Locksmiths are a unique breed. Like an ice cream truck business there needs to be a loud speaker system on board for when the technicians are in between calls they can attract more leads and long term customers.
  • Lighting system – The locksmith van needs to have a lighting system installed on it. This includes interior lighting and exterior lighting for those late night emergency locksmiths calls. Lights are not only useful to help see what you are doing but they also help to keep criminals and dangerous animals away.
  • Stock of deadbolt locks – A local locksmith will change locks in residents homes often. Therefore the Houston locksmith needs to have a huge supply of residential locks on hand to be able to accommodate residential customers.
  • Magnets to hand out – Locksmiths do really well when they hand refrigerator magnets out to customers. These types of magnets draw in a lot of new customers and old ones as well because they remember you when there is a magnet on the refrigerator
  • Security system – What local locksmith van would be complete without a security system to keep all of the locksmith tools safe? Having a good automotive alarm and locking counter tops will keep the business secure over night no matter where the van happens to be parked at night.

Equipping a 24 hour Houston locksmith van is a fun task if you ever get to do it. Just be sure to spend more on the purchase of quality tools and parts to insure that your investment is a good one. When you invest wisely you can insure a successful long term Houston locksmith business.