Friday 19 October 2018
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Things you May Not Know about Roman Blinds

In a practical sense, Roman blinds are used for their ability to block the sunlight. In addition to that, they also offer a sense of elegance and beauty. Rather than buying regular blinds online that look like arrays of wood, aluminium or plastic, you can bring a combination of both curtains and blinds with roman blinds. Roman blinds have independent parts of fabric or slats that are fastened to a rod and they heap on top when raised and disparate when lowered.

When you search for Roman blinds online, you will be astonished by the number of distinct styles, colours and materials available in the market. Based on the designs, their properties like thermal insulation, transparency and light diffusion would vary too. Here are the things that you might not have known about roman blinds before,

Interesting origin of Roman blinds

They were devised by the Romans about 2000 years ago, to keep their home dust-free when the construction work for the Colosseum had begun. Initially, they hanged damp clothes over the windows to keep out the dust that came from grinding stones for the building. Then as a more effective solution, the damp clothes were replaced with thin strips of fabric, which is the Roman blind.

They work well with other treatments

You can add decorative treatments such as draperies, swags and cascade along with the Roman blinds. By choosing the right combination, you can create either a casual look or a striking statement based on your needs.

Roman blinds can also appear glamorous on their own. By incorporating a decorative rod or eye-catching trims, you can turn them as the focal point of a room. Otherwise, you can order a customised version of roman blinds with two or more fabrics that catches the attention of everyone.

Multitasking ability

Other than protecting your space from dust, they can also decrease the amount of sunlight exposure your home receives. They can act as an insulator too. Purchase roman blinds with heavier material to retain the heat inside your home during colder seasons.

Ease of maintenance

It is a common fact that Roman blinds are easier to install. But, they can also be maintained just as easily. With a special upholstery attachment, you can keep them clean and dust-free simply by means of a vacuum cleaner.

Thus, Roman blinds are a refined and lasting addition to your home.

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