Saturday 20 July 2019
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The Best Roof Types for Different Homes

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Roofs are essential components of every beautiful home, and there are many different styles to choose from. Some of the best roofing companies in Melbourne help you find the perfect form and materials, to help complement the look of your dream home. Here are different roof types for you to choose from, depending on your style.

The Modern Industrial Home

The common trend for many homes today is building modern and industrial looking homes. It’s a great concept and design idea, especially for people who want something new and different. There is a variety of roofs to choose from, and you can get as creative as possible to make your aesthetic seamlessly beautiful and unique.

There’s a variety of roof styles for you to choose from, and here are a few:

  • Skillion – This type of roof begins from the highest point of your home, coming straight down to your lowest point. It’s perfect for areas with heavy rain or snow and allows for easy collection.
  • Flat – This roof is simple, and is better for areas which don’t experience heavy snowing.
  • Curved – A beautiful curved roof gives a modern house a lovely accent. It’s not a typical design you’d see around, which makes it an excellent focal point for any home.

Barn or Classic Home Styles

If you want your homes to look straight out of a movie set or a children’s book, no problem, traditional houses have this natural elegance, which is reminiscent of the classical period.

  • Gambrel – This type of roof is common for barn houses, and it’s an excellent design to preserve the natural elegance of home.
  • Gable – Another traditional style which starts from the peak of the house and slants down. This is a perfect design for areas that experience heavy rain or snow.
  • Bonnet – This roof looks like a set out a movie, and it’s extensive and beautiful. The house looks like it has a big bonnet on top.

Extra-Ordinary Roof Ideas

If you want a combination of both a modern and traditional looking home, there are many extra-ordinary roof ideas. It helps the house with having a little spark, and some edge amongst others.

  • Butterfly – This design is perfect for a bungalow, and is an ideal choice for homes who want to install solar panels. The roof is flat, which makes it an ideal setting for laying down solar panels.
  • Pyramid – The Pyramid used to be a crowd favorite, and now it’s making a comeback for its unique and elegant look.
  • Dome – If you want a home that stands out, the dome is a good roof option. It’s ideal for a smaller house and encourages eco-friendly habits and practices.

The next time you’re looking for your future roof ideas, consider the options we’ve given you. Best roofing companies in Melbourne can help you choose, and they’ll be sure to complement whatever style and design you present them with.