Monday 10 December 2018
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Take Help From The Hungarian Workshop – Create New Furniture Recycling Wine Barrel

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Do you have old wine barrels lying unused for many years? If you have little imagination then you can create wonderful furniture out of such unused item lying in your house. With this new kind of furniture, you can give a rustic look to your house, which has become a contemporary style, today.

Nowadays many people are using their old wine barrels to create a very attractive piece of furniture that can be placed in the living room. You can call the carpenter from The Hungarian Workshop and discuss with them your new ideas. Carpenters can give you few new ideas that can make a really good design idea with the wine barrel.  

The quality of wood used in the old wine barrel during earlier days was really excellent. It was majorly timber from oak. If you too have good carpentry skill then you can really make excellent piece of furniture.

In the past, people either used to burn the wood obtained from the wine barrel or throw it away because it had zero utility value. However now people have realized that these woods can be recycled and wonderful wooden items can be made out of them. Since these woods are quite strong and versatile, you can recycle them to create very durable furniture pieces.

Some creative ideas to use wine barrel

The woods used in the old wine barrel are quite thick and therefore use a little imagination like employ it as a wine barrel guitar stand or even wine rack for your current use. Some people have made side tables, coffee tables, stools, lounge chairs, dining tables, or some time beds for their doggie.

Most of this furniture can not only be used for your living room but can also help to decorate other rooms. You can either maintain their original color or if you like paint them with different colors of your choice.

However while converting wine barrel furniture into tables or chairs you must remember the following things.

  • Ensure the woods of your old wine barrel are strong enough, so that it will be able to take the brunt of regular use.
  • Reject those woods that are not very clean or have some cracks developed, due to lying or getting kicked around. If you notice any hole or any kind of deformities then prefer not to recycle them.
  • You must scrub the old woods of your wine barrel, so that it becomes clean and then dry them thoroughly in the sunlight.
  • Preferably you must varnish these woods from inside and outside, so that its beauty and strength is maintained properly.
  • Chose only oak barrels as they are usually very strong and also its grain has very attractive, natural look. If they are not oak then check their quality and strength and use only after you are certain that they can last longer.

You can also get many new ideas by visiting some online furniture or decoration websites, where designers have recycled the wine barrels to create appealing home interior or garden furniture.

Author’s Bio:

Henry Bosco has written this article. Recycled woods from old wine barrel have become the latest fashion. The Hungarian Workshop has recycled wine barrel wood and created attractive furniture items. You can get in touch with them for fabricating any new item from recycled wine barrel.