Saturday 20 July 2019
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Steps to Take when Moving Homes

At one point or another people find themselves trying to move from their current place to a new home. And as exciting as it sounds, the whole elaborate process of moving can be extremely tedious and exhausting at the same time.

With countless factors to keep in mind and steps to take care , it is indeed a difficult experience. However, with certain preparation and steps, the work could be made a bit easier and the procedure a little more functional. Here are a few basic steps to keep in mind when moving to a new place-

Set the Date and Time- packing up one’s home to move to an entirely new one requires a long and elaborate process. With so many items in one’s home, the process must be well planned or you’re gonna have a tough time.

Therefore, the best way to go about it is setting a starting date at least a week in advance. From that date onward and up till a seven days window, distribute all the work and assign them to separate days according to one’s comfort.

To make it even more intricate, also add timings for different items or rooms. The planning will make the work less chaotic, and the packing can be done smoothly.

Item Classification- another important thing to keep in mind is the classification of the items being packed. The crockery cannot be packed in the same box as the garments. Classification is utterly important. Thus, during the packing process, be sure to use different boxes for the books, and for clothes and a different one for utensils. Furthermore, the labeling of the box is as important as packing one. Otherwise, the chaos evaded during packing will be met during unpacking.

Fragile Collection- when planning the schedule for the packing process, make sure a separate day is assigned to the packing of all the fragile items in the house. This is a step which requires extreme care and patience. All the fragile items, such as the décor pieces, fine china items, crockery, etc., need to be placed in spacious and good quality packaging supplies. Furthermore, before placing them in the box, bubble wrapping or wrapping with foam or clothes is a priority. At the end its also important to mark the box as fragile. This is so that you and or any other person is notified to handle it with extreme care.

Important Documents- another important thing to remember is to get extra copies of the important official documents. This is a precautionary step in case the original document is lost during the move.

These were a few steps out of many others that could be kept in mind if planning to move homes.