Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Sober Living Women’s in Southern California

One of the first things we lose when we are hooked on an addiction is our freedom. Freedom to choose the person we have become, who we are and who we represent in the lives of the people we love and care about. That sense of loss and helplessness can be the trigger to not only keeps us under the thumb of addiction but putting us at the risk of abusing much more dangerous things.

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And for a woman, it’s even harder, because of the dependence of our family on our well-being. The kids especially are left in a state of imbalance and looking for answers from people they should not. This alone exposes them to various dangers especially if they are teen.

How does one deal with a situation like this? The emotional trauma and the constant fear of losing people close to you? Click here for Women’s sober living in Southern California.


The first step comes to terms that indeed you have a problem with addiction. It may be alcohol, drugs, sex or even over dependence. That may be the most difficult part because most addicts won’t even accept the fact that they are indeed addicted to the substance. This state of denial is the hardest on the people around you because you start fighting them even though they are only concerned about you. So it’s important to accept that there is a problem

Seeking Help

Counseling is one of the steps to take on a long hard journey to recovery. You will need the help, understanding and most of all love and care for your family and friends.

The physiological makeup of women speeds up the progression of addiction in women as compared to men. The female body processes addictive substances, differently than the male body. For example, the female body has much less of a stomach enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

These factors are very important points to consider by supportive people around her when she’s in therapy. This may include a comprehensive education on addiction and how to explore the signs of addiction. Some of these sessions require the spouse to be around so he can also understand what is going on. A good understanding of the recovery system and process will help make the man in the patient’s life and to an extent, her children if any, help her cope with the situation.

True help comes to those who accept they need the help. Speak to your family first about your problem. They must have known about it and have been waiting for that conversation. They will understand and happy you have come to the conclusion that you need help.

Be clear in your mind that it’s going to be a journey that might be hard and fraught with pitfalls on the way. You will need to be strong. Don’t blame yourself; in fact, you need to forgive yourself and give yourself the chance to get out of it.

It is doable, celebrates little victories and looks forward to a great future. And most of all, accept all the help and support you can get.