Friday 19 October 2018
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Simple but Useful Garden Tools as Gifts for Farmers

The best gifts for gardeners will always be the ones that make their job easier. Of course, you don’t need to get a large plough or bulldozer just to show how much you care. It is even likely that no garden owner will appreciate such a present from you because they probably wouldn’t need it. While there are many options of gardening tools in the market, there are few special ones that will always make a gardener happier. Adding these tools to the shopping list will help you get it right.

A Nut Harvester

Nuts are very yummy, which is one fact that everyone remembers. However, not everyone thinks about how they are harvested. Give that your friend or loved one a break by getting them a nut gatherer as a gift. This is a tool so easy to use that all you have to do is roll it on the ground while it collects all nuts on its way. This way, you save your friends from a backache and the stress of manually bending to pick up nuts with bare hands. One this you should care to confirm before buying just any nut picker is the nature of the nuts that would be harvested with it. This tool comes in various sizes meant for different nut sizes, which makes a pecan pickers review essential before considering one to buy.

A Broadfork Tool

Is it possible to have a garden without digging, ploughing, uprooting plants, or aerating? Absolutely not. Then one shouldn’t need further explanation to why this tool would be useful because it does all of the listed operations and more. Unlike the rototiller, the broadfork tool is easy to use, doesn’t make noise, and aerates perfectly even on a damp soil. Its advantages are numerous; however, there are several types of this tool for specific purposes. For this reason, it would be advised to see a broadfork comparison before selecting one that would be perfect for your own garden


Whenever you go to get a haircut, the barber will always give you a nice finish, which includes trimming it at the edges so that it reveals the hairline properly. The same thing that happens on your head happens to your lawn. After you cut the grass, you have to leave a nice finish to it. This tool helps you achieve this as it cuts the grass or flowers at the edge to keeps it intact. It can be a hand tool or power tool depending on the size of your lawn, you can choose which one will be the most ideal.

Weed torch

It can be tough controlling the growth of weeds on the pavement or at the side of the walls around your garden. You want everything to be where it is and that is how you can achieve the objective of owning a beautiful garden. You can opt to remove this weed or simply spray herbicide to get rid of it. However, this would mean polluting your already beautiful flower bed with chemicals. This is where the weed touch comes in – it burns completely the growing weeds from the pavement or wall around your garden. It comes with a propane cylinder, which means you can easily walk around with it burning and eliminating the weeds that pose a threat to the beauty of your garden.

Look closely at the garden of the person you plan to get a gift for and you will see which of these tools would be the best option for such a gardener.