Monday 27 January 2020
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Rodent Restaurants

Think of the feeling that you had as a child when you were taken to a sweet shop. That’s the same sensation that rodents enjoy when they see that humans have ever so kindly left crumbs on worktops, open packets of biscuits on a shelf or the lid off the cereal canister.

In just one day a rodent can eat a third of its body weight.

You are being excessively generous to allow rodents in to your home so that they can nibble you “out of house and home.” You aren’t even providing them with a challenge, rodents simply ensure that the humans aren’t in the room, scurry and scramble a little and they’re there, playing in the crumbs, diving head first in to the biscuits.

Yes, you are the best hosts that they could have hoped for.  Don’t forget the posse that uses your wheelie bin as another convenient eating spot. Your food refuse is easily accessible when you don’t seal the bin. Every day is like Christmas to furry long tailed visitors.

Pest control Reading specialists often find that pet food is just as attractive to rodents as human food so this shouldn’t be left lying in the bowl or they’ll take full advantage of your hospitality, much to the chagrin of Fido or Tiddles.

If you’re kind enough to leave a water supply out for them too, they’ll be your best friend and thief for their whole lives, and they’ll tell all their rodent chums.

Oh, sorry? You don’t want your home or business premises to be a fast food outlet for the rodent population? In that case, you need to speak to pest control Reading experts, like the team at Pest Control Berkshire, about how to get rid of rats and mice.

Rodent hazard removal is not a task that can be carried out one day and forgotten the next.

The first vital step is to stop the supply of food for them.

You need to seal packets, close cupboards, clean worktops and ensure that the bin lid is secure.

These actions are simple and quick to do and ultimately, they close the door on the restaurant facilities which is a lot easier than feeding them and having an infestation.

Rodent hazard removal is a full time, all-out campaign. Get rid of rats and mice by making your property more undesirable or suffer the consequences.

Rats and mice eat almost anything. They aren’t fussy. Whatever it takes to survive, they’ll eat it, including snails, insects and leather.

They particularly enjoy seeds and grains, this includes bird table and farm food supplies.

Mice are chocolate lovers. Cheese is good as a snack but chocolate is divine.

Some of the rodent population will happily tuck in to fish or meat.

Rats and mice will feed on eggs, nuts, milk and fruits to their hearts content and your horror.

If you give rodents easy access to nibble-worthy food they’ll take it, please use rodent hazard removal techniques and close your rodent restaurant.