Friday 18 January 2019
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Leon Valley commercial property owner tells her story

Leon Valley Texas is a wonderful place. Here you will find the wonderful Texas outdoors with coyotes wildflowers and natural Running Springs. We chose Leon Valley as our home because we just fell in love with the place. But the people here are friendly there’s so much to do and the economy is really doing good too. We just absolutely think the place is wonderful.

We also want to start our Commercial Business here as well. Not just because of the wonderful weather in Leon Valley Texas but because of the tax incentives. When we bought our commercial property we just weren’t satisfied with the inferior locks that were installed on the building. And this is not including just the exterior locks. We wanted to really upgrade the interior locks as well.

Since our business deals in expensive parts we want to make sure that everything was locked away and secure. But we didn’t know what to do. What do you even do to lock up the expensive tools from employees taking them? Can you just buy a bunch of boxes and put the stuff in? No! You need to get custom built cabinets and a commercial locksmith in Leon Valley install the locks on them.! They have to be secure!

We had heard all these horror stories from other commercial property owners in Leon Valley talking about how they’re worried about they’re bad night sleep because they’re building might get broken into like that.  and me being a person that needs at least 12 hours of sleep a night to lose sleep thinking about my commercial property getting broken into. So this is what I did. I found the perfect Leon Valley locksmith to come to my commercial property and evaluate it. The evaluation process didn’t take too long. Since the building’s a big square box with only one entrance the locksmith came by take a look at it gave me a price and we were happy.

I have this type of electronic lock where you can unlock it from your laptop cell phone television set by using your voice retina scanning, thumbprint and even Morse code. This new electronic lock is absolutely amazing. For the most part I just play with the settings on it throughout the day. There are so many settings. I am just like a one year old child learning how many toes she has.

Now that our commercial property is basically Fort Knox everyone in the town is telling everyone all about us. We know it may seem a little odd that we decided to use surveillance system cameras the size of telescopes, but hey when you’re talking about Ultimate Security nothing even comes close!