Saturday 20 July 2019
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How a Professional Plumber can Help with various Drain Issues

A clogged drain is something that every one of us had come face to face at one or the other point in our life. The problem is so common that if you visit any hardware store, you can find a separate section of chemicals and other similar products which claim to unclog any blocked drain like magic. The cost of it is so less than hiring an actual plumber that we do not blink twice before purchasing it and dancing with glee that we have saved money, especially from the charge that the plumber would have charged. However, this proves more expensive in future. Let’s look at few compelling reasons as to how a plumber can help you clear a blocked drain and various other drain issues.

Multiple clogged drains

Sometimes there is a big clog created in the main drainage pipe and drain system. It would lead to clogging of various outlets in the bathroom, kitchen sink, tub, etc. at the same time. This clog cannot be rectified using any of the drain cleaners. It needs a professional touch where the plumber will dig deep into the system and eliminate any clogs and restore the drainage system.

Recurring clogs

Some drains like that of the bathroom, tub, basins, etc. are prone to stubborn clogs mostly because of the hair getting washed down. In case you are required to take care of the clog frequently, it is easy to surmise that you are not able to eliminate the clog completely. A professional plumber here can easily use his expertise and all kinds of professional tools to eradicate the clog and resolve the issue for good.

Slow drains

More often than not, we are guilty of underestimating the seriousness of drainage problems. We tend to ignore slow moving drain as just a hindrance but do not realise that it can easily escalate into a major issue. Slow drains might imply multiple problems like early stages of a clog getting built up, drain pipes getting narrow due to grease and mineral build-up and even possibly an improper grading of the drainage system. You might not be able to pinpoint the issue, but a professional plumber would be able to get to the root cause and fix them for good.

Foul odor

Sometimes you get suffocated with persistent sewer odours emanating from the drain pipes of your system. It is an absolute indication of a major problem with the drainage system. You just cannot resolve it by yourself, and it is highly recommended to get a professional help here. The foul odour may be due to various pollutants getting built up in the drain and getting stagnant. It is only an expert plumber who can assess the system and get to the cause of the issue. Often the problem may be resolved by a thorough drain cleaning, but it can also require replacement of broken sewer pipes or other drastic steps.

Apart from these, there are various other things that a professional plumber can do and make your life easy.