Tuesday 23 April 2019
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Commercial Decorating: The Marathon and Not a Sprint

During the middle of March many feet pound the roads that stretch across the South part of England in association to the pre-London half marathons. Various runners make use of the 13 point/ 1 mile distance at locations from Colchester to Hastings and Dartford to Reading as their warm up for the actual London Marathon scheduled for the end part of April annually. While others train for these distances independently and regardless of what portion these actual races play out for the people who take part, the certainty remains that there must be some type of training plan or schedule involved. This particular aspect has made us think about the process involved in refurbishing or decorating office or commercial spaces and how it can be successful by following out a devised plan, similar to a marathon training plan.

The Race Day

The completion day should be considered the “race day”, which will be the day that this space can start to be used by the organisation after the refurbishment and preparation activities. The actual performance of educational, office or commercial spaces once they are occupied is largely associated with the time and work invested in the final functionality and look of the space. The workers that use these spaces are also affected by decisions that are implemented to achieve commercial refurbishments of quality.

Increasing the Distance

Similar to the way in which training plans are played out in regards to slowly increasing the distances that a runner attempts from one week to the next, commercial refurbishments can very easily increase in costs and scale. An often occurrence, when it comes to structural solutions, is the uncovering of challenges within the space as the project gets underway. This particular downfall is avoidable, especially if not using the correct preparations. The analysis of the space from the very beginning of the project as well as being clear on the activities that need to play out can control the cost and scales in a realistic manner.

The Muscle Sets

When it comes to runners, the legs are not the only importance. Runners also need to have strong cores. Similar to commercial and office decorating projects, the focus should be on the infrastructure. There is very little sense in to begin a painting project if the power points have to be moved within the next few weeks. “Attention is needed to every aspect of a space or room so that the surface activities do not prove to be redundant” explains a commercial decorating expert at HL Decorating.

Interval Training

Processes associated with refurbishment and decorating projects can often appear to follow out at varied speeds. In some cases it can be at a slow jog or in some cases a full out run. In some cases time can go by without much visible changes. This is often a frustration to the business manager or owner. However, the preparation for these projects will in most cases not produce visual changes that are extreme. For this reason, it is advisable to invest in these times and when the end is in sight, you will finally be able to view the real value associated with thorough preparation.

The Tapering

The last few weeks leading up to the London Marathon experiences a significant drop in the amount of time that the runners spend out on the local streets. This is because runners need to make sure their body is at its peak fitness for race day. This is when the runners start to decrease the distances that they run, better known as a taper. In comparison office or commercial refurbishments, when the structural and fundamental visual details are finished such as the walls in place, partitions, the paint has dried and the electrics are installed, the pace of the project begin to taper. From the configuration of the brand graphics to the positioning of plants of foliage, these very small features are often not apparent at first sight. Nevertheless, for the people that spend 30 to 40 hours a week in these spaces, it is these specific details which are able to encourage and inspire productivity.

When the 40,000 amateur runners cover the 26 point 2 miles around London in April, they achieve their goals that they may have invested many months or years of their time. Commercial refurbishments or decorations are very similar and an impressive end result is only a reality when the correct quality preparations were undertaken.