Friday 18 January 2019
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Be the interior designer of your own home!

Home is a feeling. You can never truly define what it means to you. The magnet that pulls you to your safety, where your creativities soar high, where you unleash your daily sorrows and anxieties. The walls that are familiar with your heart-warming laughter. So, let’s redefine this place of your ease into something more trendy. The interiors have become too predictable these days. Your home isn’t just another home with the same designs and some furniture, so keeping this in my head let’s proceed.

  • Bins.

Bins really? Yes. The easily avoided, useful piece of object that you easily avoid. But, no more. Re-do your home with this trending designer bin. It’s known as “Vipp Bin”. This design is inspired by none other than the Scandinavian era and is modified for your beautiful home. You’ll be amazed at the exquisite detailing, the finishing and the hugely trending look they have given it. This piece of art stands on a foot of broad base, keeping your floor safe as it has a ring made of rubber at its bottom, it has small ear-like extensions on its side for holding and in case you need to change its location. You’ve seen plenty of bins, but this one right here will help you turn heads.

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  • Gold, no more.

Our eyes are a bit too accustomed to the ‘golden’ shade or similar shades like that of copper, brass or anything that has a yellowish look to it.  Change the trend and let the colour silver set in. From candle holders to lights, trays to rugs, switch to this shade. Everything can enjoy the touch of grey now.

  • Mass produced furniture, avoid it.

The times that we live in, it is quite a task to own a piece of furniture that can be appreciated for its uniqueness. Go for handmade beauties for your home by welcoming ceramic or clay. Holders for your candles made out of stone will be perfect for your home. You can even place a beautiful sculpture made out of clay.

  • Keep it simple.

Simplicity is the key. Your designs should be the one that talks tales about your innovation. Don’t go for designs that are too complicated or complex. You can have frames made out of oak trees. But, again keep it minimal and simple. You can either fix them on your walls or go creative and hang them with a band on the ceiling. It will look amazing

  • Go Graphics.

It is the era for graphics. Graphic design has stepped foot into designing, and it is doing wonders. Cushion covers to your rugs, your crockery to your napkins. Give your home a look it deserves with graphics.

  • Colour.

Copper Blush it is that will win hearts and turn heads. It’ll give your home the tone that invites warmth. Your furniture, tables, shelves, tools and walls will go well with this shade.

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  • Outdoor is fun.

Bring your outdoor inside with natural wooden or stone coloured furniture couple it up with strong and vibrant coloured plants.

  • Layer it up.

You can go for layers. Paint your home in layers of pastel shades and patterns. Don’t overlook any space or let it go unnoticed. Appreciate the beauty of your home every bit of it.

  • Blue, is the colour you want.

No matter what you’ve assigned this colour to. It’s trending and chic. It will give your home ‘The’ look it needs. So, paint it blue. Lights, drawers, crockery, cushions, towels, teapots and even wall hangings.

  • Switching tastes.

Turn your tastes for the better and more trending homes. From cabinets to beds, drapes to rugs, keep it simple. Natural wooden or stone coloured bed with multicoloured cushions may be a rug of monochrome shade a small table by your bed with a bright coloured cosy chair to note down your thoughts whenever you need, a table lamp and a small pot with a tree in it, to add some green in the room.

Mix styles and don’t be shy. Be simple and refrain from overdoing it.

  • Tones.

Your home will reflect a bit of you and will have a lot of impact regarding your surrounding or environment.

A grey or dark toned sofa on a beige carpet for your living room will give it a distinctive look it needs to stand apart. Team it up with ceramic accessories or a simple piece of art.  A simple wall shelf of natural wooden colour with your favourite coffee mugs on display will also do wonders.

These are a few minimalistic changes that you can bring about in your home. You can also get some offers on latest trend interior designs for your home at!  You’ll be able to bring the X- factor in your home without much delay.