Monday 27 January 2020
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6 Ways to Deck Out Your Letterbox for the Holiday Season

Christmas is fast approaching and a lot of people are giddy with excitement. As stressful as preparing for the holiday season can be, all of the hassles often do not compare to the joy of togetherness and the festivities it brings.

Most homeowners even take the time to celebrate the season by decorating their property. Their houses and yards turn into wonderlands that visually delight all the members of the community and even mere passersby. Some even stage shows such as gorgeous light extravaganzas with nighttime holiday music in the background.

If you are inclined to celebrate the Christmas or holiday season by decking out your property, you must not overlook the unique contribution of your letterbox to the occasion.

A festive letterbox is a welcoming sight and it holds a special role in the celebration of Christmas, especially if you have children who still hold on to the idea of Santa Claus. So, if you could use a few ideas on how to spruce up your little postbox for the holidays, here are six easy ones to consider.

1. Change the color

If your letterbox has this sophisticated minimalist color, how about purchasing contact paper from your local hardware or hobby store? Choose a color or design that is holiday appropriate or “Christmas-y.”

Contact paper is quite easy to use. It does not take too much time and skill to cover your letterbox with contact paper. The even better thing about it is when the holiday season is over you can just peel it off and restore the original appearance of your letterbox.

Another option is washi tape. It offers more decorative potential because it comes in more designs. Plus, you can actually create different shapes and patterns with it to change the hue and overall look of your letterbox.

2. Add Christmas bells

Purchase a bell (or bells and chimes) from a hobby store that you can attach to the letterbox and make it easier for your postman to notify you that you’ve got mail with Christmas bells.

There are a variety of designs of Christmas bells to choose from – you can easily find one that suits the original style of your letterbox. Golden bells with plaid ribbons or twine are absolutely charming.

Meanwhile, reindeer chimes just beg to be shaken (young children might shake them often though – but what the heck, right? It’s the holidays) because of the joyful sound they make.

Also, it is worth mentioning that bells and chimes make perfect letterbox décor for the season because bells play a valuable role in the traditions of Christmas around the globe.

3. Post a Christmas greeting on it

Season’s greetings are worth considering for your letterbox. You can use peel-off paint or washable markers to write a cheerful Christmas message such as such as the basic “Merry Christmas!” or “Have a jolly Christmas.”

If you do not trust your calligraphy skills to beautifully write a message on your letterbox, spare yourself the trouble and use stickers instead. There are letterbox decals and alphabet stickers that come in different typefaces and materials for the job. All you have to do is choose the letters of your choice to complete your letterbox Christmas greeting.

4. Decorate it with Christmas accessories

This is another one of those Pinterest mailbox decorating ideas to consider. Basically, you treat your letterbox as an outdoor Christmas tree or wreath.

You can add traditional Christmas décor such as balls, pinecones and needles, ribbons and holly to the mailbox so it looks completely lovely and season-appropriate. This decorating idea is particularly nice to try in Australia because Christmas falls in the summer. This means the weather will not mess up the design you achieve with such decorative items.

5. Place a “guardian” beside it

There are all kinds of lawn ornaments that come out in time for Christmas. You can get one of the reindeer, Santa himself, Frosty the Snowman, one of Santa’s elves, or an angel right beside your letterbox and let it serve as your post guardian.

A guardian by your mailbox is a nice little touch that is sure to bring a smile to the face of your postman and pretty much everybody else who sees it.

6. Wrap it with lights

If you can decorate the exterior of your home with Christmas lights, you definitely can do the same for your letterbox. Turn the lights on at sunset and turn your property into a twinkling delight.

You can use different colored strip lights or twinkling fairy lights that look like strung stars. Creating a constellation of stars around your letterbox is truly festive and Christmas appropriate.

So, these are just six decorating ideas you should consider to make your letterbox fun and festive for the holiday season. There are many others to try — these are just a few to get you started.


Beau Flavell has been a Product & Account Manager for Sandleford Holdings since July 2017. He completed his VCE at Brighton Grammar School and also holds an A-Class Electrician License. Beau has been working on developing a new range of innovative letterboxes and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.